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Election to the RICS Adjudication Panel

We would like to congratulate our Roger Smith for his recent election to the RICS Adjudication Panel for Low Value Disputes. This is in addition to his existing appointment to the UKA Panel of Adjudicators.

The RICS has collaborated with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) to develop a fixed- fee adjudication aimed at parties with relatively low value disputes of up to £50,000.00. This is known as the Low Value Dispute Model Adjudication Procedure (“LVD MAP”). It is hoped that this in turn will lead to lower party representation costs than otherwise might be the case and therefore make adjudication more commercially viable to those embroiled in lower value disputes.

Roger is additionally available for appointment to act as adjudicator (on either LVD MAP or traditional adjudications) directly through Tudor Rose.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to learn more about Low Value Dispute Adjudication.